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PSC mourns the loss of Matthew McGarvey

By Philadelphia Soccer Club, 07/12/22, 5:15PM EDT


Today PSC lost a very important member of the PSC family and while he retired from the club a few years ago, his impact and influences are still felt today. This morning we mourn the loss of Matt McGarvey.  Matt was a former Executive Director, Treasurer, Board Member, mentor and more importantly father of 2 former PSC players.  Matt was very instrumental in the club's success and operations for the better part of 20 years. 

  While he has been responsible for so many things that have happened and taken place at PSC there are a few that stand out.  Palmer Playground would not have the lights that stand today had it not been for Matt's work with the city to repurpose them from the old Veteran's Stadium parking lot.  This was to provide PSC teams with fields that were lighted so our teams to practice at night.  He was the driving force behind the Clubhouse project that has since become the Turf Field project.  Matt worked behind the scenes with the City of Philadelphia for more than 10 years to keep the process going. While these are only a couple things to highlight what Matt has done, it was his ability to ALWAYS do the right thing for the club and look at the big picture.   Most important, Matt was a great family man and was dedicated to his wife Patti and 2 grown boys.  Please keep Matt's family in your thoughts and prayers in the very difficult time. 

Rest in Peace Matt, you will not be forgotten for the influence you had on the Club!